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    Patient Success Stories

    Surgical success stories | Nonsurgical success stories

    Surgical Success Story - Spondylolisthesis

    Beth enjoys gardening, sewing and cooking. As a retired physical therapist, she is familiar with the care of sore elbows, shoulders, hips and backs.spine surgery success story minneapolis saint paul minnesota

    When she started having low back and leg pain, Beth tried some special stretching exercises to help relieve her pain. When her symptoms did not go away after a couple weeks, she made an appointment to see her orthopedic physician.

    The physician examined Beth and ordered diagnostics, the results showed that Beth had spinal osteoarthritis. Her physician encouraged her to try conservative care to help relieve her symptoms, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and home exercises. He also referred her to fellowship-trained spine surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Wills at Summit Spinecare. Beth tried the nonsurgical care and found that her pain symptoms did improve, at least for a while.

    Click here to read Beth's complete story of how Summit Spinecare helped her get back to an active lifestyle.


    Surgical Success Story - Herniated Disc

    Norb was born and raised on a small family farm in Northern Wisconsin. Staying active has been a way of life since childhood. Some of his favorite activities include playing golf, swimming and working on the farm.spine surgery success story minneapolis saint paul minnesota

    When Norb first started experiencing sciatic pain in his left leg he didn’t give it too much thought. As the months and years went by though, Norb continued to have intermittent leg pain. “There was a period of a year when I didn’t feel the pain — but it always returned eventually,” Norb remembers. He tried different conservative treatments to help relieve his pain, including anti-inflammatories and special stretching exercises, both helped relieve his pain temporarily.

    Norb was unloading planks of wood one day on his farm and felt his back pain worsen. From this day on, the stretching exercises no longer helped. Consquently, he made an appointment with his primary care doctor who quickly referred him to Dr. Paul Hartleben, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Summit Spinecare.

    Click here to read Norb's complete story of how Summit Spinecare helped him get back to an active lifestyle.




    Nonsurgical Success Stories - Coming soon.







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